Essential Wedding Tips - Wedding Planning Timeline

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Essential tip 1

Selecting Your Wedding Date

You should eliminate certain dates, such as holidays, proms, sporting events and busy times of the year. You will find that prices will be higher and the availability will be limited in June and August. Saturday weddings are likely to be more convenient for your guests, but Fridays and Sundays will be more affordable. Weekend weddings that are followed by a Monday holiday are a real convenience to your guests.

1 year to the wedding

• Buy the engagement ring.

• Pick your wedding date.

• Reserve the ceremony and reception hall.

• Reserve the person performing the ceremony.

• Book the florist. • Select the caterer.

• Select your bridesmaids and the groomsmen.

• Prepare the wedding budget.

Essential Tip 2

Booking A Florist

Flowers can set the tone of your wedding and enhance any location. Select your flowers to match the style of your wedding. Seasonal flowers will be the least expensive and the easiest to obtain. When visiting a florist, know your wedding date and bring some photos of flower arrangements you like.

9 months to the wedding

• Buy Your Wedding Rings.

• Begin the guest list.

• Select the wedding music and reserve the musicians/band or DJ for the reception.

• Book the photographer.

• Book the videographer

• Register for gifts.

• Order your wedding dress and bridesmaids' dresses.

Essential Tip 3

Finding The Right Caterer

• Plan As Early As Possible. If you plan in advance, you will have more negotiating power.

• DO NOT Hire The First Caterer You Meet. It is very important to meet with several and COMPARE their offerings and prices before making a final decision.

• Always Insist On A "Tasting". You want to make sure the food that is being served to your guests meets your requirements.

• Get A Complete Breakdown Of Costs. Most caterers will quote by the person. You should ask them to break this down into what you are paying for food, labor taxes, etc. This will make it easier for you to compare prices.

• Get Everything In Writing. You don't want any mix-ups on your special day. Make sure you get the price, services, and menu in writing.

6 months to the wedding

• Choose your cake.

• Complete your honeymoon plans.

• Order the invitations and announcements.

• Choose floral arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres.

• Book transportation for the wedding. 

Essential Tip 4

Choosing Your Photographer

This may be the most important choice you will make, as this will be your record of your special day. Choose a photographer whose business is wedding photography. Have them show you a portfolio of there work. Plan shots with your wedding party and closest friends and relatives. Most important-communicate with your photographer and let them know what photos you want and get everything in writing.

3 months to the wedding

• Order tuxedos.

• Finalize the guest list.

• Mail the invitations

• Schedule date and time for rehearsal.

• Reserve rooms for out of town guests.

• See your doctor for a blood test or health certificate if required.

• Get final dress fitting. • Order your keepsakes.

Essential Tip 5

Choosing Your DJ

Choosing a DJ is very much like choosing your photographer, you want one who is experienced with wedding receptions. You should make a list of songs that you want to be played, but it should be a short list. Let your DJ be somewhat flexible in the music he plays. Not everyone at your reception will like the same music as you and you don't want everyone sitting instead of dancing.

1 month to the wedding 

• Pick up your marriage license.

• Write the thank you notes.

• Send the wedding announcement to the newspapers.

• Mail your wedding announcements.

• Pack for your honeymoon and confirm your reservations.

• Pick up the wedding dress and tuxedo.

• Attend the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. 

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